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Folding Cartons

A Reverse Tuck Box is a box with top and bottom closing flaps placed on opposite sides of the package. The box is popped open from either top or the bottom with both flaps being closed after the product is inside. The box is glued on one side. This style carton is appropriate for both hand and machine forming and filling applications.
Tuck-Top 123-Bottom Boxes is a more secure carton than the Tuck-End, this carton requires a little more labor then an Auto-Bottom Box. Bottom Flaps interlock for closure. Tabs may also be added to the bottom flap on panels 1,2 and 3 to increase the strength of the box bottom. The extended top flap is tucked in and held in place by friction or locked in position.
Auto-Bottom Boxes are designed for efficient hand-setup and loading, and are generally used when faster setup is desired but production volume or the package's contents are not suitable for automated filling equipment. Bottom panels are pre-glued during the carton's manufacturing process.

Header & Bag Topper

Custom printed packaging doesn't get any simpler than this! Header cards and bag toppers are printed on paperboard 0.012 to 0.022 thick board stock. Staple to the top of product bag and hang anywhere. Cards are scored for easy folding with a hanger hole.


A tubular form made of various materials usually opens at both ends made in various shapes which is slipped over or in an item. This style is used as a decorative cover on corrugated cartons, foam trays, rigid products and folding cartons.

Dispenser Boxes

Dispenser boxes are manufactured from high quality cardboard and pre-glued, ready for easy assembly. These products are perfect for storing labels in them, but can be used fo rmany other things too. Insert rolls of ribbon in them and you have a handy and tidy way to store and measure out the lengths in. Dispenser boxes come in many different shapes and sizes with simple construction methods. These boxes are brilliant in cutting down your packaging time and results in a tidy way to send or store your rolls of labels. Whether you require a box that short and fat, long and thin, or perhaps something in between. You will be assured that we will have a box to suit your needs.